Best Digital Art Setup

Best Digital Art Setup - Hey there, fellow digital artists and wannabe Picassos! Are you struggling to create your digital masterpieces because your setup is lacking in inspiration? Fear not, for I am here to impart my wisdom and guide you to the ultimate digital art setup. Check out these five setups for some serious inspiration.

Setup 1 - Invisible Blogger's Workspace

Title: "25+ Best Looking for Digital Drawing Setup | Invisible Blogger"

First up, we have the setup of the notorious Invisible Blogger. Now, I know what you're thinking - how on earth can you have an invisible blogger? But that's beside the point. Check out this setup if you're looking for something sleek and minimalistic. The focus is on the computer and drawing tablet, with a simple desk and an uncluttered surrounding. Plus, you get the added bonus of feeling like a ninja with a hidden blogger in your midst.

invisible blogger workspace

Setup 2 - Office Studio Vibes

Title: "349 Best studio set-ups images on Pinterest | Artist studios, office"

If you're dreaming of a studio space and want to keep the office vibes alive, then this setup is for you. The big wooden desk with a matching chair is perfect for spreading out your work, while the decorative items keep the space feeling cosy and personal. There's even a little plant to keep you company during those long digital art sessions.

office studio vibes

Setup 3 - The ULTIMATE Digital Art setup

Title: "The ULTIMATE Digital Art Setup! #clipstudiopaint - YouTube"

Ready to take your digital art to the next level? Look no further than this ultimate setup. With two screens and a large drawing tablet, you can have all of your tools at your fingertips. Plus, the setup is decked out with cool LED lights for some serious ambience. Warning: you may never want to leave this setup once you sit down.

ultimate digital art setup

Setup 4 - Sequential Artist's Desk

Title: "Mac Setups: The Desk of a Sequential Artist & Comic Illustrator"

This setup is perfect if you need ample desk space for all of your digital doodling needs. The wooden desk is big enough to house two computer screens, a Wacom tablet, and still have room for sketchbooks and miscellaneous items. Plus, the surrounding walls are lined with inspiration - photos, posters, and even a mood board. This setup screams creativity.

sequential artist's desk

Setup 5 - The 2D/3D Digital Artist Station

Title: "2D/3D digital artist station, wanted to take a pic before it gets taken"

Last but not least, we have the 2D/3D digital artist station. This setup is perfect if you're alternating between digital 2D and 3D work. It's a little more cluttered, but in the best possible way - with figurines, sketches, and even a mini-blimp, you'll feel right at home creating your own unique style. The desk is big enough for both a computer and a separate drawing tablet, so you can switch between the two with ease. Plus, the natural light streaming in from the window is perfect for keeping your eyes healthy and rested.

2D/3D digital artist station

Now that you've gotten some inspiration from these five setups, it's time to start curating your own ultimate digital art setup. But where to start?

The Importance of the Right Desk

The desk is the heart of any digital art setup. It's where you'll be spending most of your time, and it's where you'll be storing all of your tools. Make sure to choose a desk that is spacious enough for your computer, drawing tablet, and any other necessary items (such as notebooks, pens, and snacks). You want to be able to spread out and feel comfortable while creating your digital masterpieces.

Invest in a Good Chair

Having the right chair is just as important as having the right desk. You want a chair that is comfortable and supportive, with an adjustable height and backrest. Don't underestimate the importance of proper back support - if you're going to be sitting for hours on end, you want to make sure your back is in good shape.

Lighting is Key

Good lighting is essential for any digital art setup. Natural light is always the best option, so try to position your desk near a window. If that's not possible, invest in some good-quality lamps that can provide bright, even lighting. You don't want your eyes to become strained or tired from poor lighting - it can seriously affect the quality of your work.

Organisation is Your Friend

The last thing you want is a cluttered workspace. Clutter can not only affect your productivity, but it can also stress you out and make you feel overwhelmed. Invest in some good storage options, such as filing cabinets and shelving units, to keep all of your tools and materials organised and within arm's reach. A clean and organised workspace equals a clear mind - and better digital art projects!

Final Thoughts

So there you have it - five ultimate digital art setups, complete with tips and tricks to help you create your own. Remember, a good setup is all about comfort, organisation, and inspiration - make sure to create a space that works for you and your individual style. And who knows? Maybe one day we'll be admiring your own setup as the ultimate digital art inspiration.