Boston Natural History Museum

Welcome to the Boston Natural History Museum - the loveliest place in town where you can explore the wonders of nature, fossils, and bugs. Our collection is so impressive that you'd want to live here forever! From fossils to bones, from animals to insects, we've got it all here! So, put on your adventure hat and let's dive in!

Museum of Natural History - A Journey Through the Adventure of Time

Are you ready to time travel?

Explore the wondrous history of time and evolution with our mesmerizing Museum of Natural History. From woolly mammoths to dinosaur fossils, every corner of our museum holds something extraordinary that will leave you mesmerized.

Not just that, but we've got a vast collection of bugs that'll creep you out so much that you might want to stay away from the bushes outside. Isn't that exciting?!


  • Bring a camera to capture the exciting moments!
  • Dress comfortably, because you might be walking around for an extended period.
  • Bring snacks and water to keep you energized and hydrated.

RH Boston - The Gallery at the Historic Museum of Natural History

Are you ready to be enlightened?

RH Boston

Our collaboration with RH Boston has brought an entirely different level of elegance and luxury to the museum. It always feels good to bask in the lap of luxury while learning about the universe and its different creatures.

For all those who love art, this is your chance to explore the art of mother nature. The exquisite collection will leave you spellbound.


  • Take your friends to show off your sophisticated side.
  • Take lots of pictures to fill your Instagram with aesthetic shots.
  • Make a day out of it and enjoy the museum's exquisite atmosphere.

This Museum Is Incredible! So Many Animals, Bugs, and Fossils to Explore!

Are you ready to learn and be entertained at the same time?

Boston Natural History Museum

Our museum exhibits so much knowledge, entertainment, and adventure, that it's nearly impossible to keep track. From learning about climate change to uncovering the mysteries of our planet, the museum has something for everyone!

The displays are so fascinating that you need to have your eyes wide open and alert to catch it all.

How To:

  • Prepare yourself to be amazed!
  • Set aside a few hours, so you can enjoy the museum thoroughly.
  • Keep taking breaks to rejuvenate yourself and take in all the information.

Museum of Natural History, Boston - Lost New England

Are you a history buff?

Boston Natural History Museum

History lovers, you have landed on the right spot! Our Museum of Natural History has been around for so long that it holds years' worth of history and stories - just waiting for you to unravel them.

With the help of Lost New England, our collection is now bigger and more sophisticated than ever before. The collection boasts woodcut prints, photographs, and artwork that will take you back to the past like never before!

How To:

  • Do your research and come prepared to learn!
  • Take an audio guide to help you understand what you are seeing.
  • Take your time and enjoy the enthralling experience.

So, are you ready to discover the world of natural history? We're waiting for you with open arms ready to show you the most exciting and mind-boggling collection of the natural world. It will be an adventure that you'll never forget!