Mother Hubbard has a CORPSE IN THE CUPBOARD  

Callie Parrish, mortuary cosmetician, confronts the slayer of an unknown youth inexplicably killed in a cupboard at the county fair when she, Jane, and Rizzie escape their work for a ladies day out.  

As graffiti pops up all over town, even on caskets at Middleton's Mortuary, Callie's close Gullah friend, Rizzie Profit, agonizes over their Maum's accident and repeated medical complications.  Vandalism and theft join graffiti all over town, and Callie's vintage Mustang is keyed with an ice pick that's also used to mutilate the car's rag top.

When Maum's surgeon is fatally shot, Rizzie's younger brother, Tyrone, is accused of homicide, throwing Callie into the middle of an investigation that could land her in a casket with her name painted on it.

ISBN 978-0-425-22091-7
Berkley Prime Crime

When Callie Parrish finds a locked car with an unidentified dead man and a poisonous snake inside, she’s busy caring for her sick father and helping with her brothers’ weddings—too busy for any detecting.

Then Mrs. Joyner wants her deceased husband’s fingerprints preserved in gold jewelry. Callie takes the prints, and the sheriff discovers Mr. Joyner isn’t the man his wife thought he was and there’s a connection to another homicide.

Two men—both dead from poisoning. Callie vows not to get involved, but when her brother Frankie is poisoned also, and the sheriff goes missing, it’s up to Callie. She must catch a killer before she winds up cosmetizing the corpse of someone she loves.

KUDZU RIVER - A Novel of Abuse, Murder, and Retribution

is Fran Rizer's first thriller.


ISBN 978-0-6922-8754-5


St. Mary’s beloved pharmacist is found floating face down in his hot tub. Callie Parrish wonders if the kind man died of natural causes, or if his seemingly distraught young wife had a hand in his death.

But the pharmacist’s death is only the first untimely demise to keep the mortuary busy. Next, the hateful real estate agent who’s been pestering Callie’s friend Jane about vacating her apartment winds up with a bashed-in skull at the foot of Jane’s steps.

Callie feels she isn’t getting anywhere in her investigations, but someone else thinks she knows too much. All signs point to a con game gone dangerously wrong. Now it’s up to Callie to catch a killer—before she winds up being fitted for her own casket.

Rub, A Dub, Dub DEAD MAN IN A TUB (published as CASKET CASE)

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, THERE’S A BODY IN THE CAR  

ISBN 978-0-425-22091-6 Berkley Prime Crime]
Mortuary cosmetologist Calamine “Callie” Parrish likes to end her days in a relaxing way—with a Moon Pie, a DVD episode of Six Feet Under, and a few chapters in one of her mystery novels. But right now, she’s putting in some overtime at the undertaker’s.

When the body of up-and-coming car dealer Bobby Saxon comes into Middleton’s Mortuary with a hypodermic needle hidden in the neck, Callie realizes there’s a killer on the loose trying to bury some deadly crimes.

With a list of suspects that includes Bobby’s dueling ex-wives, rival car dealers, and even her own boss, Callie must unearth the culprit—or she might be next. Callie’s got a knack for making the dead look their best, but no amount of concealer can cover up murder.
ISBN 978-0-425-22428-1
Berkley Prime Crime
 ISBN 978-1-933523-94-1
Bella Rosa Books
Callie Parrish is thrilled to leave her job as a mortuary cosmetologist and pack up her banjo to take off with her BFF Jane, for a bluegrass festival on Surcie Island. A whole weekend of her favorite kind of music, Gullah food, and fun in the sun is just what Callie needs to erase the memory of being locked in a casket last fall, but somehow, she just can’t seem to leave her work behind her.

Little Fiddlin’ Fred might be tiny in stature, but he’s huge in the bluegrass world. When his dead body tumbles out of a bass case on stage, the festival erupts in chaos. Local cops advise Callie not to get involved, but when Jane discovers a second corpse—and then disappears—Callie has no choice.

Sleuthing leads Callie to a widow too busy flirting to mourn, another fiddler awfully eager to fill in, and a water witch convinced he can find whatever treasures might be hiding under the sand—but Callie learns on an island, you go in circles.