I googled myself.

When my webmaster told me to write a bio (which in my case is an autobio), I looked to see what readers could learn from the Internet. According to Google, here are a few facts about Fran Rizer:

1. Published many articles in magazines, including Bluegrass Unlimited , Field and Stream, Bluegrass Now, Better Homes & Gardens and others. Has also had short fiction published in USA and Canada.

2. Won awards in photography, including photo-essay Sequence of a Smile.

3. Co-authored scientific studies for Clemson University.

4. Won several fiction and poetry writing competitions including the Augusta Arts Council Porter Fleming Fiction Contest.

5.     Wrote songs that were published, recorded, and received radio airplay, but no hits yet.

6.     Signed a three-book contract with Berkley Prime Crime for the first three Callie Parrish mysteries in 2006.  Since then, has published seven Callie Parrish mysteries and one thriller - KUDZU RIVER--A Novel of Abuse, Murder and Retribution as well as a collection of ghost stories--Southern Swamps and Ruins with collaborator Richard D. Laudenslager.

7.     Has had Callie Parrish mysteries nominated for SIBA, Edgar, Agatha Christie. and other awards.

8.    Am a featured author on the SCETV series A LITERARY TOUR OF SOUTH CAROLINA.  

9.     Graduated from high school in 1942 and died about ten years later.
OOPS!  That last one was a different Fran Rizer.
To paraphrase Mark Twain, “The rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated.”  

  To answer questions I’ve received at book signings and via email, here’s some more current info:

  1. I was born in South Carolina on December twelfth, and have changed neither my place of birth nor the month and date of my birthday though I do occasionally change my age.
  2. The first Callie Parrish book was written after I retired from twenty-five years’ teaching.  My family consists of two sons, one grandson, and many, many aunts, uncles, and cousins.
  3. I signed a three-book contract with Berkley Prime Crime in 2006.  The seventh Callie Parrish book was published in November, 2015. I’ve met many wonderful people in the writing and publishing business, as well as the marvelous readers who attend book talks and signings.
  4. My first thriller, KUDZU RIVER- A Novel of Abuse, Murder, and Retribution, was released by Odyssey South Publishing in January, 2015. SOUTHERN SWAMPS AND RUINS - a  collection of ghost stories in collaboration with Richard D. Laudenslager was published in 2016.
  5. Email me directly at www.franrizer@gmail.com and I'll answer any questions including the color du jour of my or Callie's hair and Callie's age but not mine​

I was blonde with a Mary Higgins
Clark hairstyle when I began writing
the first Callie mystery.

Some of my favorite people …..
Callie fans await me at a B& N
wearing black  funeral veils.

Callie fans Shannon and Barbie join me at the launch party for There’s a Body in the Car
dressed as Callie and Jane.

The late great songwriter and

performer Randall Hylton. The

Corpse and the Fiddle is 

dedicated to him.

 Most bios on websites are written in the third person. Fran Rizer chose to write her own. Here it is: